Q&A: Inview Vehicle Trim and you!

Q&A: Inview Vehicle Trim and you!

By Peter Gold


It is obvious when driving a motor vehicle what you see or do not see matters. What makes Inview Vehicle Trim so important and needed on all vehicles is it allows all vehicle drivers the ability to see what they could not see at all. What a clever idea, allowing vehicle drivers the ability to see while driving! It is that patently smart and that effective on all vehicles.  

The following questions and honest answers will allow you to understand the value Inview Vehicle Trim can bring to any vehicle it is applied to.

Question #1: The picture above shows red around the inside of the door’s glass frame and on the lower edge of the vehicle door and also a starburst by the person’s hand. Are these all under U.S. Patents and U.S. Trademark?

Answer: Yes!

Question #2: Just a few of these Inview Vehicle Trim applications are shown in the picture. What do they do to allow vehicle drivers to see?

Answer: Inview Vehicle Trim automatically bounces back reflectively 60 percent of another vehicle driver’s headlights back to the vehicle driver at night, at the speed of light!

Question #3: Does Inview Vehicle Trim take away the look or the design character of any vehicle it is applied to? 

Answer: Inview Vehicle Trim never takes away for the look or design character of any vehicle it is applied to. The reason is Inview is applied INSIDE THE VEHICLE and is concealed to never be seen inside or outside the vehicle except when it is needed automatically.

Question #4: What makes this product so reflective as a peel-and-stick application taking mere seconds to apply that is universal in application to all vehicles?

Answer: This product was so effective in reducing vehicle accidents on rural roads by 40 percent on signs that it is now used by our company to produce Inview Vehicle Trim. We at Inview Vehicle Trim sincerely thank the scientists at 3M Corporation for inventing such a wonderful product that allowed our company to find new and different proprietary uses such as Inview Vehicle Trim.

Question #5: What is the number one reaction from aq vehicle owner after being surprised seeing Inview Vehicle Trim after opening the vehicle door or a motor vehicle?

Answer: WOW, this should be applied to all vehicles! It’s a no brainer.

Question #6: What has been the response from various government agencies, reporting agencies, vehicle manufacturers,  etc. on Inview Vehicle Trim?

Answer: I think the reaction could be summed up in one word, SHOCK, and highly reserved comments, if any, which is honestly expected. No one really is at fault and sadly it takes time for even the simplest and best solution to gain acceptance. The reasons are as complex as the motor vehicle, since its inception. But, I think the primary reason is no one actively and inventively considered that a problem existed. No one considered the vehicle door not being seen as a contributory cause of death. Very sad.  

Question #7: Why is it so important that Inview Vehicle Trim be applied to all one billion vehicles on our planet immediately?

Answer: Because it can be applied to all vehicles past, present and future, and has proven to be a solution to a contributory cause of death.

Question #8: How can I obtain more information or schedule an appointment to see these patented applications applied to a motor vehicle along with so many other proprietary advancements not mentioned in this post? 

Answer: Email petergoldinventor@gmail.com or write to Inview Vehicle Trim Corp, 465 North Wood Road, Rockville Centre, NY. 11570.     

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