InView Vehicle Trim

Inview Vehicle Trim: A lifesaving idea whose time has come

By Tom Torbjornsen

Last year I had the good fortune to meet a businessman and inventor named Peter Gold. Peter is a very interesting person, having started the highly successful Gold Glass Group in a garage in 1994. He has the unique gift of seeing a need and delivering it to the end consumer, and he also understands marketing and how to communicate. He holds over 80 patents for glass moldings that virtually eliminated hundreds of glass molding applications. Gold retired from Gold Glass Group in 2009, leaving a multimillion dollar corporation to family members.

Brilliant minds do not stop when they retire from industry, and such is the case with Gold. One day he asked himself how he could use his knowledge and business experience to save lives. The result was Inview Vehicle Trim®.

Inview Vehicle Trim is not rocket science. In fact, the idea is incredibly simple. As you can see in the accompanying image, Inview Vehicle Trim’s reflective material applies to the inside of the doorframe where it remains unseen until it is needed — at night and by oncoming traffic. Unnoticeable until the door is open, Inview does not take away from the look of a car, and it cannot be completely blocked by standing in front of it. It can be shaped to fit any make or model of vehicle.

Conservative estimates indicate that 35,000 lives worldwide can be saved annually with this brilliant application. The highly reflective material simply affixes to the inside of the bottom of the doorframe, while another piece of reflective material is applied to the inside of the window frame. The final step is to apply to the “A” pillar … and then you have both style and safety from Inview Vehicle Trim!

Installation of this patented system is a snap; simply cut the material to size for the bottom of the door and the window frame. Be certain to clean the surface with a paint-safe solvent, dry the area, and then affix the reflective material to the door and window frame area. And just like that, nighttime driving just became much safer. Now, when a vehicle occupant exits the vehicle at night, he or she can be safely seen from over 1,000 feet away!

People across the globe step out of their vehicles and onto the roadway, unseen by oncoming drivers, every night. Inview Vehicle Trim illuminates the entire doorframe outline, protecting vehicle occupants. Best of all, the application is universal for all vehicle doors — past, present and future.

For more information, please see U.S. Patent numbers 8,382,350, 8,596,840, 8,894,256, 9,108,569 and 9,308,859. You can also visit for frequent updates.

Tom Torbjornsen is an automotive journalist, author and broadcaster of 30-plus years. A daily contributor to CARS.COM, Torbjornsen has written literally thousands of pages on car care for websites and newspapers across the country. He thoroughly researches any product he recommends.

More than 100 lives were unnecessarily lost last night

By Peter Gold

Good morning, world! More than 100 men, women and children were killed last night by over one billion vehicles on our planet. How? Their mistake was entering or exiting a vehicle by opening the vehicle door at night and not being seen in enough time by an oncoming driver — thus resulting in over 100 lost lives.

Friends, I have a product that will add significantly more time for oncoming drivers to see you and your family. Consider learning more about Inview Vehicle Trim, an innovation that works perfectly and at the speed of light!

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Peter Gold is inventor, owner and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim®.

I will not tolerate 35,000 people being accidentally killed

A message from Peter Gold, CEO of INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®

It’s hard to believe but since the inception of the automobile, I estimate that more than two million people have been accidentally killed, at night, by innocent vehicle drivers. The cause? Drivers not seeing, in enough time, an opened vehicle door at night with a person entering or exiting the second vehicle.

What I recognized is that more than half of all vehicles have no visual means to increase the chances of an opened door being seen by an oncoming vehicle. While some may have a light or a reflector on the vehicle door, they are usually totally useless when needed most because a person can block a single light or reflector just by standing in front of it. (more…)

Elegance and utility: Celebrate life by seeing

A message from Peter Gold, CEO of INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®

What you are seeing in the attached photo has never been seen before and can only be seen when it’s actually needed. Even more amazing is that the product is not applied to the outside of the vehicle at all, but in fact has been applied to the inside of the vehicle. So what are you actually looking at?

What you are looking at is how I mastered the addition of common highly reflective tape  and light emitting diodes (LEDs) to the weatherstripping inside a vehicle’s door and window frame so that both of these additions are not seen at all … until they are actually needed. (more…)