InView Vehicle Trim

One million lives not forgotten … and the 100 that will die tonight

By Peter Gold

Entering or exiting a vehicle by opening a vehicle door and not having another driver see you in the path of traffic has resulted in an estimated one million deaths since the inception of the motor vehicle. We are all guilty of being exposed. In memory of those one million who have died and the 100 men, woman and children who will die tonight, I beg every vehicle owner and every vehicle manufacturer to apply what I have invented to help prevent the needless loss of life.

Look at the two pictures of the same opened vehicle door. The picture on the right side shows the opened vehicle door during the day. Now look at the picture on the left that shows the same vehicle door with the highly reflective Inview Vehicle Trim applied to the bottom lower edge of the vehicle door below the interior door panel. Also notice the Inview Vehicle Trim applied to the interior side of the door’s window frame.

What you are seeing is a warning to other vehicle drivers, providing drivers time to avoid the loss of over 100 lives tonight by prevention!

My friends, life is too precious to be lost by not seeing it on a roadway. Please have Inview Vehicle Trim applied to the current vehicle you own, lease or rent, and demand it be applied on your next new vehicle. Please remember that looking both ways at night  with a vehicle approaching you does not mean the other driver can see you or your opened door. Over one million lives were lost by looking both ways but not being seen until it was too late.

All global vehicle manufacturers are invited to apply Inview Vehicle Trim, which is now available for license under one or more of the numerous U.S. Patents of Inview Vehicle Trim Corporation, under the registered U.S. Trademark Inview Vehicle Trim.    

Peter Gold is Chief Executive Office of Inview Vehicle Trim Corporation, Rockvile Centre, N.Y.

How much could INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM save vehicle manufacturers each year?


By Peter Gold
Chief Executive Officer

With an estimated one life per 10 million vehicles, and the world population of vehicles being one billion, the savings would be 100 lives per night globally, or over 35,000 lives a year globally, or over one million lives since the inception of the motor vehicle. 

Friends, look at the opened vehicle door in the picture having Inview Vehicle Trim applied. Without Inview Vehicle Trim, another vehicle driver at night would find it difficult, or worse yet not see this opened vehicle door in time. Even a light on the door would only be “marginally” useful because it cannot be seen when it is needed the most, when you step out of the vehicle blocking the light.

You do not deserve to become a statistic. And, by the way, looking both ways exiting a vehicle with an opened door does not mean the other vehicle driver can see you at all.  With Inview Vehicle Trim, the other vehicle driver has the added advantage of seeing the zone of illumination that Inview provides BEHIND YOU on the vehicle door, to allow the other vehicle driver to SEE.   

What a clever idea! Allowing vehicle drivers to see! It is time for all vehicle manufacturers to pass the SAVINGS of Inview Vehicle Trim on to the vehicles they produce and bring vehicles up to the higher standard of accident avoidance Inview provides automatically and perfectly.

NOT TO WORRY, Inview cannot be seen on the inside or the outside of your vehicle to detract from the look of your vehicle. It can only be seen only when the vehicle door is opened, when it is needed to be seen by other vehicle drivers.

For a free sample of Inview Vehicle Trim that you can apply to your own vehicle, please send a self-addressed envelope to: Inview Free Sample, 465 North Wood Road, Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570.  

No More Close Calls!

passing-carThis photo shows the effectiveness of Inview Vehicle Trim with another vehicle passing within two feet of the opened door! Eliminate close calls with Inview Vehicle Trim!

16th patent granted to Peter Gold in the new discipline of VDVAAS


Peter Gold, CEO and inventor of INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®, is pleased to announce his 16th and newest proprietary advancement in a new discipline he refers to as Vehicle Door Vehicle Accident Avoidance Systems (VDVAAS). This discipline identifies and  resolves the contributory cause of numerous vehicle accidents, particularly at night.  The contributory cause in this case is other vehicle driver not being able to see and avoid a vehicle at night, resulting vehicle accident and loss of life.

The 16th patent that will issue Oct. 18, 2016 — United States Patent Number 9,469,246 under the title MOTOR VEHICLE SIDE DOOR FRAME HAVING LUMINANT COMPONENT — provides for the addition of highly reflective material to the side door frame to allow the highly reflective material to illuminate back 60 percent of the light of another vehicle driver’s headlight from over 1,000 feet away at night, and also works perfectly for advanced warning with autonomous vehicles.

The product, to be sold under the U.S. Trademark Inview Vehicle Trim, is universal in application to all vehicles, requires no tools to apply (simply peel and stick on), cannot be seen on the exterior or interior of the vehicle, is only visible when the vehicle’s door is partially or totally opened, and is now available to all vehicle manufacturers globally for immediate application to all current, future and past production vehicles. The application takes approximately five seconds to apply, works perfectly and is guaranteed for 40 years from the date of application with a full replacement guarantee.

A limited of 10,000 free samples are now available to U.S. and Canadian residents. 

New proprietary advancements for vehicles

By Peter Gold

At the present time my menu for new proprietary advancements in visual vehicle accident avoidance systems should allow my leadership position in my specific discipline of visual vehicle accident avoidance systems to excel with a more concentrated effort. For the last three years I have maintained a constant flow of new, unique and novel “value added” applications having in fact no competition, with not a single negative to not be accepted. 

I am pleased, as a professional inventor, to have a wonderful team of patent attorneys and consultants working and communicating my now so many different patented  systems under the U.S. Trademark, Inview Vehicle Trim. It is fully expected that these systems will be applied to all vehicles globally over time and will in fact become a new motor vehicle safety standard with the so many safety advantages they provide on all levels — from cost, interchangeability, consumer acceptance, ease of application, and the list goes on and on.

My most current advancement allows vehicle drivers and autonomous vehicles the ability to recognize a partially opened vehicle door from over 1,000 feet away at night. The basic cost of the application is under 50 cents, and this includes the cost of the part and the labor, which takes about five seconds to apply. And this is not a “flash in the pan” system; it is one of many proprietary systems having even greater value to provide to the discipline of my created terms such as “Zones of Illumination,” “Inside Out Visual Systems,” etc.

The continued loss of over 100 lives a night globally (in my estimation) because a vehicle driver cannot see is no longer tolerable when the value of life is so high and the cost to prevent an accident and loss of life is near nothing. I cannot think of a better way to be more positive — not to question, not to answer, but to create new conclusions that work in pure simplicity with not a single fault. Perfection is possible!

Q&A: Inview Vehicle Trim and you!

By Peter Gold


It is obvious when driving a motor vehicle what you see or do not see matters. What makes Inview Vehicle Trim so important and needed on all vehicles is it allows all vehicle drivers the ability to see what they could not see at all. What a clever idea, allowing vehicle drivers the ability to see while driving! It is that patently smart and that effective on all vehicles.  

The following questions and honest answers will allow you to understand the value Inview Vehicle Trim can bring to any vehicle it is applied to.

Question #1: The picture above shows red around the inside of the door’s glass frame and on the lower edge of the vehicle door and also a starburst by the person’s hand. Are these all under U.S. Patents and U.S. Trademark?

Answer: Yes!

Question #2: Just a few of these Inview Vehicle Trim applications are shown in the picture. What do they do to allow vehicle drivers to see?

Answer: Inview Vehicle Trim automatically bounces back reflectively 60 percent of another vehicle driver’s headlights back to the vehicle driver at night, at the speed of light!

Question #3: Does Inview Vehicle Trim take away the look or the design character of any vehicle it is applied to? 

Answer: Inview Vehicle Trim never takes away for the look or design character of any vehicle it is applied to. The reason is Inview is applied INSIDE THE VEHICLE and is concealed to never be seen inside or outside the vehicle except when it is needed automatically.

Question #4: What makes this product so reflective as a peel-and-stick application taking mere seconds to apply that is universal in application to all vehicles?

Answer: This product was so effective in reducing vehicle accidents on rural roads by 40 percent on signs that it is now used by our company to produce Inview Vehicle Trim. We at Inview Vehicle Trim sincerely thank the scientists at 3M Corporation for inventing such a wonderful product that allowed our company to find new and different proprietary uses such as Inview Vehicle Trim.

Question #5: What is the number one reaction from aq vehicle owner after being surprised seeing Inview Vehicle Trim after opening the vehicle door or a motor vehicle?

Answer: WOW, this should be applied to all vehicles! It’s a no brainer.

Question #6: What has been the response from various government agencies, reporting agencies, vehicle manufacturers,  etc. on Inview Vehicle Trim?

Answer: I think the reaction could be summed up in one word, SHOCK, and highly reserved comments, if any, which is honestly expected. No one really is at fault and sadly it takes time for even the simplest and best solution to gain acceptance. The reasons are as complex as the motor vehicle, since its inception. But, I think the primary reason is no one actively and inventively considered that a problem existed. No one considered the vehicle door not being seen as a contributory cause of death. Very sad.  

Question #7: Why is it so important that Inview Vehicle Trim be applied to all one billion vehicles on our planet immediately?

Answer: Because it can be applied to all vehicles past, present and future, and has proven to be a solution to a contributory cause of death.

Question #8: How can I obtain more information or schedule an appointment to see these patented applications applied to a motor vehicle along with so many other proprietary advancements not mentioned in this post? 

Answer: Email or write to Inview Vehicle Trim Corp, 465 North Wood Road, Rockville Centre, NY. 11570.     

How to protect yourself from death by driver

Inview day:night
By Peter Gold

What is this all about? It is almost too simple. You look both ways at night before you exit your vehicle and open your vehicle door to get out, and from around the corner another vehicle approaches at 30 mph and does not see you or your opened door. To avoid you, he swerves into the other lane of traffic into a head-on collision, or puts on his brakes too late as he drive into you. What was the contributing cause of this accident that could have been avoided in the first place?

One: The vehicle driver did not see your vehicle door partially open since he could not see anything different such as my patented “A” pillar reflector that works perfectly every time. (One of my newest inventions granted a patent allowance awaiting publication.)

Two: After you opened the door, the vehicle driver could not see that ever-so-small light on your vehicle door or the reflector on your door because you were standing in front of it, blocking it. Or worse yet, your vehicle door would have not a single light or reflector to make it visible at all to another driver. (No motor vehicle safety standards exist to have any light or reflector on an opening door.) These contributing causes are also solved in the next paragraph.

Three: If your vehicle had one or more of my six patented visual vehicle door accident avoidance systems to create a zone of illumination (as seen in the picture of an opened vehicle door at night) it would provide 50 times more area of illumination in comparison to existing lights and reflectors, allow my system to be seen behind you by another vehicle driver in front of you.

Enough talk about death. Let’s all work together to protect life!

An Open Letter To All Vehicle Manufacturers Globally

Dear friends,

The time has come to see and correct the cause of so many vehicle-related deaths globally each year. The contributing factor is an opened vehicle door that cannot be seen, in enough time, by other vehicle drivers at night.

Sadly, this problem is horrendous, and it is my estimation of over one million deaths have resulted due to this contributing factor since the inception of the very first motor vehicle having opening doors. The answer to solving the problem is simple — but unfortunately it does not work perfectly — such as placing a light or a reflector on the vehicle door because these devices do not provide a zone of safety.

Why? Numerous reasons such as being blocked by a person, not enough area of illumination to be seen effectively at greater distances, the angle of visibility … the list goes on and on.

All these issues now have be solved, in fact, not only theory.

I encourage all vehicle manufacturers to bring the vehicles they produce up to my new safety standards that I provide in concept — new applications now applied to vehicles that deliver measurable and factual new visibility. My knowledge in providing zones of safety — allowing visual vehicle accident avoidance to occur — is  smart, highly cost effective, universal in application and works perfectly and automatically on all vehicles past, present and future.

It is time to make choices, and the ability to see a vehicle at night should be one of them. The nights of vehicle drivers not seeing opened vehicle doors is coming to an end … and better sooner than later.

Kindest regards,
Peter Gold
Inventor, owner and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim®