InView Vehicle Trim

New York International Auto Show visitors offer positive comments regarding Inview Vehicle Trim

By Peter Gold 

Following are a few select comments from prospective car buyers and the general public after seeing the highly reflective Inview Vehicle Trim applied to an exhibit vehicle display at the New York International Auto Show.

• “Inview Vehicle Trim should be mandatory and applied to all vehicles. It is a no brainer.”

• “I cannot believe all vehicles do not have Inview Vehicle Trim applied to allow my opened vehicle door to be seen at night. Inview Vehicle Trim is honestly amazing. Any vehicle not having Inview Vehicle Trim is unsafe.”

• “It is so simple.”

• “I cannot believe any vehicle manufacturer, after seeing Inview Vehicle Trim, would not take steps to immediately apply it to all of its vehicle models.”

• “Even with me standing in front of an opened vehicle door, another vehicle driver can see over 50 percent of the Inview Vehicle Trim behind my legs.”

• “Now I know why so many road signs do not use added lights to have them seen at night. They use the same highly reflective material that Inview Vehicle Trim uses to bounce back the light of a motor vehicle’s headlights.”

• “It is hard to believe that this same red and white highly reflective tape that is applied to trailers, that is mandatory by law, is not applied to all vehicle doors.”

• “I like Inview Vehicle Trim because you cannot see it at all inside or outside the vehicle with the door closed, only automatically when the door is opened.”

• “It’s amazing how reflective this product it. It is just as reflective as a red and white stop sign that you can see over 1,000 feet away just from the reflection from your vehicle’s headlights.”

• “I cannot believe vehicle manufacturers can make any vehicle without Inview Vehicle Trim. Having nothing, or a silly little reflector or light on the vehicle door that is blocked by me or my kids to disallow a vehicle driver to see us is not acceptable.”

It is conservatively estimated that over 35,000 lives are lost globally to the contributing cause of an unseen opened vehicle door and a person standing outside that vehicle door. For more information, please visit or meet Inview inventor and CEO Peter Gold at the New York International Auto Show, Booth #1333, through April 8.

Let’s be seen in 2018!

In this photo, the grandchildren of Inview Vehicle Trim CEO and inventor Peter Gold point to the Inview Vehicle Trim product that they applied to this car door! Let’s make 2018 the year when all opened vehicle doors can be seen at night and at the speed of light!

Obtain a free sample for your Subaru

The Subaru shown here with its vehicle door open is highly exposed to not being seen at night by other vehicle drivers and is, in fact, a contributor to an estimated 100 deaths per night globally.

To reduce this needless loss of life, a patented advancement is now available free of charge that allows vehicle owners to apply Inview Vehicle Trim in mere seconds, requiring no tools.

To obtain a free sample for your Subaru vehicle, mail an empty envelope with your return address to Inview Vehicle Trim, Subaru Free Sample, 465 North Wood Road, Rockville Centre, NY 11570.

Peter Gold
CEO, Inview Vehicle Trim Corp.

Five new ways to illuminate vehicle doors

By Peter Gold

1. Camouflaged reflective exterior door frame illumination*.

2. High mount door electrical illuminated directional signal.

3. Reflective interior door frame illumination.

4. Reflective lower door edge illumination.

5. Reflective door frame illumination.

For more information, please refer to United States Patent numbers 8,382,350, 8,596,840, 8,894,256, 9,108,569, 9,308,859 and 9,469,246; others pending.

All applications are only visible to communicate when needed and can be clearly seen by other vehicle drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, autonomous vehicles, etc.

*Shown in photo — automatically illuminated  by another vehicle’s headlights to assist in preventing side impact collisions. 

Peter Gold is Chief Executive Officer at Inview Vehicle Trim Corporation.

Inview inventor applies for new patent

Another new advancement in vehicle accident avoidance has been submitted for patent to the United States Patent office by Peter Gold, inventor of Inview Vehicle Trim. The invention allows all vehicles having inside rearview mirrors to be illuminated to allow the mirror to be seen visually at night by other vehicle drivers from the front, sides and rear of the vehicle.
Mr. Gold states, “A rearview mirror attached to a windshield should do more than allow the vehicle driver to see backward. It should also allow other vehicle drivers to see it! In other words, MAKE THE REARVIEW MIRROR COMMUNICATE INSTEAD OF JUST BEING NON-COMMUNICATING TO OTHER VEHICLE DRIVERS.”

A reflective stop sign provides a warning to motorists. Why can’t an opened vehicle door?

The time has come to take all opened vehicle doors around the world out of the dark ages and make them a contributor in motor vehicle accident avoidance.

Inview Vehicle Trim® is an innovative new product that allows any vehicle on the road to be seen at night by oncoming traffic from more than 1,000 feet away and at the speed of light! Applied to the vehicle’s interior door frame in just minutes, Inview Vehicle Trim creates an area of illumination that is only noticeable at night — when it’s needed — when the vehicle’s door is open. Inview Vehicle Trim is made of the same reflective material as a stop sign, cannot be completely obstructed by standing in front of it (unlike a single reflector or light), and never takes away from the appearance of a vehicle.

“When I recognized that upward of 85 percent of all vehicles on the road today do not have anything applied to their doors allowing them to be seen by other drivers at night, I immediately went to work and solved the problem with a patented application that will  significantly decrease these situations on our roadways that can cause injury or death,” said Peter Gold, inventor, patent holder and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim. “When applied to all vehicles, this product could substantially reduce accidental deaths — up to 100 nightly around the globe.

“Entering or exiting a vehicle at night and not being seen by an oncoming driver has resulted in an estimated one million deaths since the inception of the motor vehicle,” Gold added. “Life is too precious to be lost on a roadway because you were not seen by an oncoming driver, and with Inview Vehicle Trim that no longer has to be the case.” 

For more information on this unique technological breakthrough for the automotive safety industry, please visit You can also follow Inview Vehicle Trim on Facebook at for frequent updates.

To receive a free product sample, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Free Offer 101, 465 North Wood Road, Rockville Centre, NY 11570. Offer expires when supply has been exhausted.

Major advancements in vehicle accident avoidance now available globally

Major new advancements in Vehicle Door Accident Avoidance Systems have occurred to make the partially, or fully opened vehicle door, visible to other motorists at night. Sadly, it is estimated over 70 percent of all vehicles do not have a light or reflector on the vehicle door to allow the opened vehicle door to be seen at night, and the remaining that do are totally useless when needed the most … when a person is blocking these devices from view when standing, exiting or entering outside the vehicle.

Upon viewing the actual patent drawing of the opened vehicle door and referring to the items identified by the number 18, you will see three different patented applications of highly reflective Inview Vehicle Trim. First, on the lower horizontal edge of the vehicle door below the vehicles interior trim panel. Secondly, on the door frame (72). Lastly, applied to the interior side of the door window frame (not numbered).

These three different applications were granted United States Patents under the following U.S. Patent Numbers: 8,382,350; 8,596,840; 9,108,569; 9,308,859 and 9,469,246, with others pending.

All Inview Vehicle Trim applications are, in fact, applied inside the vehicle only to be seen outside the vehicle and automatically provide upwards of 50 times more area of illumination by another vehicle driver’s headlights.

Inview Vehicle Trim … only seen when it matters most!

peter-gold-daytimeInview Vehicle Trim is only visible when you open your car door. When the door is closed, it cannot be seen from inside or outside the car, thus not changing the look of the vehicle in any way. But when you open that door at night, it will definitely be seen by oncoming traffic, when it’s needed and at the speed of light!