New proprietary advancements for vehicles

New proprietary advancements for vehicles

By Peter Gold

At the present time my menu for new proprietary advancements in visual vehicle accident avoidance systems should allow my leadership position in my specific discipline of visual vehicle accident avoidance systems to excel with a more concentrated effort. For the last three years I have maintained a constant flow of new, unique and novel “value added” applications having in fact no competition, with not a single negative to not be accepted. 

I am pleased, as a professional inventor, to have a wonderful team of patent attorneys and consultants working and communicating my now so many different patented  systems under the U.S. Trademark, Inview Vehicle Trim. It is fully expected that these systems will be applied to all vehicles globally over time and will in fact become a new motor vehicle safety standard with the so many safety advantages they provide on all levels — from cost, interchangeability, consumer acceptance, ease of application, and the list goes on and on.

My most current advancement allows vehicle drivers and autonomous vehicles the ability to recognize a partially opened vehicle door from over 1,000 feet away at night. The basic cost of the application is under 50 cents, and this includes the cost of the part and the labor, which takes about five seconds to apply. And this is not a “flash in the pan” system; it is one of many proprietary systems having even greater value to provide to the discipline of my created terms such as “Zones of Illumination,” “Inside Out Visual Systems,” etc.

The continued loss of over 100 lives a night globally (in my estimation) because a vehicle driver cannot see is no longer tolerable when the value of life is so high and the cost to prevent an accident and loss of life is near nothing. I cannot think of a better way to be more positive — not to question, not to answer, but to create new conclusions that work in pure simplicity with not a single fault. Perfection is possible!

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