Inview inventor applies for new patent

Inview inventor applies for new patent

Another new advancement in vehicle accident avoidance has been submitted for patent to the United States Patent office by Peter Gold, inventor of Inview Vehicle Trim. The invention allows all vehicles having inside rearview mirrors to be illuminated to allow the mirror to be seen visually at night by other vehicle drivers from the front, sides and rear of the vehicle.
Mr. Gold states, “A rearview mirror attached to a windshield should do more than allow the vehicle driver to see backward. It should also allow other vehicle drivers to see it! In other words, MAKE THE REARVIEW MIRROR COMMUNICATE INSTEAD OF JUST BEING NON-COMMUNICATING TO OTHER VEHICLE DRIVERS.”

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  1. This is a brilliant innovation and such a simple one – I’m only surprised that you’re the first person to develop an idea like this.

    Great work and the best of luck


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