How to protect yourself from death by driver

How to protect yourself from death by driver

Inview day:night
By Peter Gold

What is this all about? It is almost too simple. You look both ways at night before you exit your vehicle and open your vehicle door to get out, and from around the corner another vehicle approaches at 30 mph and does not see you or your opened door. To avoid you, he swerves into the other lane of traffic into a head-on collision, or puts on his brakes too late as he drive into you. What was the contributing cause of this accident that could have been avoided in the first place?

One: The vehicle driver did not see your vehicle door partially open since he could not see anything different such as my patented “A” pillar reflector that works perfectly every time. (One of my newest inventions granted a patent allowance awaiting publication.)

Two: After you opened the door, the vehicle driver could not see that ever-so-small light on your vehicle door or the reflector on your door because you were standing in front of it, blocking it. Or worse yet, your vehicle door would have not a single light or reflector to make it visible at all to another driver. (No motor vehicle safety standards exist to have any light or reflector on an opening door.) These contributing causes are also solved in the next paragraph.

Three: If your vehicle had one or more of my six patented visual vehicle door accident avoidance systems to create a zone of illumination (as seen in the picture of an opened vehicle door at night) it would provide 50 times more area of illumination in comparison to existing lights and reflectors, allow my system to be seen behind you by another vehicle driver in front of you.

Enough talk about death. Let’s all work together to protect life!

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