How much could INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM save vehicle manufacturers each year?

How much could INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM save vehicle manufacturers each year?


By Peter Gold
Chief Executive Officer

With an estimated one life per 10 million vehicles, and the world population of vehicles being one billion, the savings would be 100 lives per night globally, or over 35,000 lives a year globally, or over one million lives since the inception of the motor vehicle. 

Friends, look at the opened vehicle door in the picture having Inview Vehicle Trim applied. Without Inview Vehicle Trim, another vehicle driver at night would find it difficult, or worse yet not see this opened vehicle door in time. Even a light on the door would only be “marginally” useful because it cannot be seen when it is needed the most, when you step out of the vehicle blocking the light.

You do not deserve to become a statistic. And, by the way, looking both ways exiting a vehicle with an opened door does not mean the other vehicle driver can see you at all.  With Inview Vehicle Trim, the other vehicle driver has the added advantage of seeing the zone of illumination that Inview provides BEHIND YOU on the vehicle door, to allow the other vehicle driver to SEE.   

What a clever idea! Allowing vehicle drivers to see! It is time for all vehicle manufacturers to pass the SAVINGS of Inview Vehicle Trim on to the vehicles they produce and bring vehicles up to the higher standard of accident avoidance Inview provides automatically and perfectly.

NOT TO WORRY, Inview cannot be seen on the inside or the outside of your vehicle to detract from the look of your vehicle. It can only be seen only when the vehicle door is opened, when it is needed to be seen by other vehicle drivers.

For a free sample of Inview Vehicle Trim that you can apply to your own vehicle, please send a self-addressed envelope to: Inview Free Sample, 465 North Wood Road, Rockville Centre, N.Y. 11570.  

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