Five new ways to illuminate vehicle doors

Five new ways to illuminate vehicle doors

By Peter Gold

1. Camouflaged reflective exterior door frame illumination*.

2. High mount door electrical illuminated directional signal.

3. Reflective interior door frame illumination.

4. Reflective lower door edge illumination.

5. Reflective door frame illumination.

For more information, please refer to United States Patent numbers 8,382,350, 8,596,840, 8,894,256, 9,108,569, 9,308,859 and 9,469,246; others pending.

All applications are only visible to communicate when needed and can be clearly seen by other vehicle drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, autonomous vehicles, etc.

*Shown in photo — automatically illuminated  by another vehicle’s headlights to assist in preventing side impact collisions. 

Peter Gold is Chief Executive Officer at Inview Vehicle Trim Corporation.

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