Elegance and utility: Celebrate life by seeing

Elegance and utility: Celebrate life by seeing

A message from Peter Gold, CEO of INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®

What you are seeing in the attached photo has never been seen before and can only be seen when it’s actually needed. Even more amazing is that the product is not applied to the outside of the vehicle at all, but in fact has been applied to the inside of the vehicle. So what are you actually looking at?

What you are looking at is how I mastered the addition of common highly reflective tape  and light emitting diodes (LEDs) to the weatherstripping inside a vehicle’s door and window frame so that both of these additions are not seen at all … until they are actually needed.

In fact, the only reason you are seeing the reflective tape is because another vehicle’s headlights are illuminating the tape, and the only reason you are seeing the light emitting diodes is because they were activated electrically by the vehicle driver to act as a directional signal to other drivers and pedestrians. These systems are so pure in elegance and utility that over 90 percent of all vehicle owners that are looking at them do not even see them because they trick the eye in camouflage and light/dark concealment, and only become apparent when actually needed!

More surprises occur (not shown) when the same vehicle door is opened to automatically expose highly reflective tape applied to the interior side of the door/window frame and to the lower vehicle door flange. Both applications are illuminated by another vehicle’s headlights — once again only when needed — to provide a minimum of 50 times more area of illumination than a common light on the interior door panel or a reflector.

Why did I create these wonderful new advancements in pure elegance and utility? To celebrate life, to allow other drivers to see, and to provide a proper visual vehicle accident avoidance system that will allow all vehicles — past, present and future —to come up to my new standards.

For more information on this unique technological breakthrough for the automotive industry, please follow the company on Facebook at www.facebook.com/InviewVehicleTrim. You can also view a video of the product:

U.S. Patent No’s 8,382,350; 8,596,840; 8,894,256; 9,108,569; 9,303,859 and others pending. Sold under the registered trademark, Inview Vehicle Trim of Inview Vehicle Trim Corporation.  

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