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I will not tolerate 35,000 people being accidentally killed

It’s hard to believe but since the inception of the automobile, I estimate that more than two million people have been accidentally killed, at night, by innocent vehicle drivers. The cause? Drivers not seeing, in enough time, an opened vehicle door at night with a person entering or exiting the second vehicle.

What I recognized is that more than half of all vehicles have no visual means to increase the chances of an opened door being seen by an oncoming vehicle. While some may have a light or a reflector on the vehicle door, they are usually totally useless when needed most because a person can block a single light or reflector just by standing in front of it.

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Elegance and utility: Celebrate life by seeing

What you are seeing in the attached photo has never been seen before and can only be seen when it’s actually needed. Even more amazing is that the product is not applied to the outside of the vehicle at all, but in fact has been applied to the inside of the vehicle. So what are you actually looking at?

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