An Open Letter To All Vehicle Manufacturers Globally

An Open Letter To All Vehicle Manufacturers Globally

Dear friends,

The time has come to see and correct the cause of so many vehicle-related deaths globally each year. The contributing factor is an opened vehicle door that cannot be seen, in enough time, by other vehicle drivers at night.

Sadly, this problem is horrendous, and it is my estimation of over one million deaths have resulted due to this contributing factor since the inception of the very first motor vehicle having opening doors. The answer to solving the problem is simple — but unfortunately it does not work perfectly — such as placing a light or a reflector on the vehicle door because these devices do not provide a zone of safety.

Why? Numerous reasons such as being blocked by a person, not enough area of illumination to be seen effectively at greater distances, the angle of visibility … the list goes on and on.

All these issues now have be solved, in fact, not only theory.

I encourage all vehicle manufacturers to bring the vehicles they produce up to my new safety standards that I provide in concept — new applications now applied to vehicles that deliver measurable and factual new visibility. My knowledge in providing zones of safety — allowing visual vehicle accident avoidance to occur — is  smart, highly cost effective, universal in application and works perfectly and automatically on all vehicles past, present and future.

It is time to make choices, and the ability to see a vehicle at night should be one of them. The nights of vehicle drivers not seeing opened vehicle doors is coming to an end … and better sooner than later.

Kindest regards,
Peter Gold
Inventor, owner and CEO of Inview Vehicle Trim®

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