16th patent granted to Peter Gold in the new discipline of VDVAAS

16th patent granted to Peter Gold in the new discipline of VDVAAS


Peter Gold, CEO and inventor of INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®, is pleased to announce his 16th and newest proprietary advancement in a new discipline he refers to as Vehicle Door Vehicle Accident Avoidance Systems (VDVAAS). This discipline identifies and  resolves the contributory cause of numerous vehicle accidents, particularly at night.  The contributory cause in this case is other vehicle driver not being able to see and avoid a vehicle at night, resulting vehicle accident and loss of life.

The 16th patent that will issue Oct. 18, 2016 — United States Patent Number 9,469,246 under the title MOTOR VEHICLE SIDE DOOR FRAME HAVING LUMINANT COMPONENT — provides for the addition of highly reflective material to the side door frame to allow the highly reflective material to illuminate back 60 percent of the light of another vehicle driver’s headlight from over 1,000 feet away at night, and also works perfectly for advanced warning with autonomous vehicles.

The product, to be sold under the U.S. Trademark Inview Vehicle Trim, is universal in application to all vehicles, requires no tools to apply (simply peel and stick on), cannot be seen on the exterior or interior of the vehicle, is only visible when the vehicle’s door is partially or totally opened, and is now available to all vehicle manufacturers globally for immediate application to all current, future and past production vehicles. The application takes approximately five seconds to apply, works perfectly and is guaranteed for 40 years from the date of application with a full replacement guarantee.

A limited of 10,000 free samples are now available to U.S. and Canadian residents. 

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