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Reflective Material is Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Film that is composed of wide angle, exposed retroreflective lenses bonded to an adhesive that performs well whether wet or dry and enhances visibility when applied to the window frame of a motor vehicle. The component is visible from over 1,000 feet away and will illuminate a vehicle’s open door when it is needed.


Ask yourself this question: What’s the difference between a mother holding a baby and walking into the path of traffic on a pitch black road at night and a mother holding a baby walking into the path of traffic on a pitch black night exiting a vehicle featuring INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®? When exiting a vehicle utilizing INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM®, the door would be seen by oncoming traffic even with the mother and baby standing in front of it on a pitch black night. Why? Because this innovative product automatically provides a “zone of illumination” using the headlights of the oncoming vehicle … and it’s all done at the speed of light! Please visit our Facebook page — — for frequent updates.

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Our vision is to one day have INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® become standard safety equipment that is installed by every vehicle manufacturer. INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® intends on working with every vehicle manufacturer to come up with a strategy so that every vehicle owner regardless of year, make or model can go in and have INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® installed.



All new car dealer/installer products of INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® Corporation are U.S. Trademarked, U.S. Patented numerous times with other patents pending, and were invented by Peter Gold. INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® is produced exclusively by 3M Corporation for INVIEW VEHICLE TRIM® Corporation to provide a lifetime of value and service to allow the trim to be seen both day and night when applied to various locations of the vehicle door window frame.

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